Due to the Covid19 public health crisis we have had to make some changes to our normal schedule: all face-to-face meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

If you attended the February or March 2020 General Meeting as a prospective member to the cooperative then please join our email circuit at Yell to keep up to date on all the latest news from around the co-op. Any questions first check out the ‘join’ page on the website and have a read as many question are answered on there, otherwise email

We look forward to seeing you all in person again soon. Stay safe, sequestered and sanitised!

Homes For Change

Homes for change is a fully mutual housing Co-op – which means that every tenant and prospective tenant is a member of the co-op. Rather than paying rent to someone else, members of a housing co-op are both tenant and landlord as they own a share in the co-op and aims to own and manage its own property.

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