A new intercom has been installed at the Phase 2 door. This is in addition to the main 41 door intercom and the vehicle gate intercom. All these are phone based, meaning they will call your personal phone to gain entry.

The intercom panels are basically large mobile phones with a SIM card in them.

For the 41 door and Phase 2 intercoms you press 3 to open the door.

For the vehicle gate you press # to open the door.

Store these Intercom SIM numbers in your phone so that you know a door is calling you:

HFC Main 41 door: 07980 735483

HFC Phase 2 door: 07756 296377

HFC vehicle gate: 07521 278147

To add your number or change it on any intercom email your name, flat and phone number to email:

You can submit two numbers so that if the first one doesn’t answer, it will ring the second one.