Give and Take Table

I know that we all prefer to reduce waste, and to offer a second life to our objects.
There are several avenues to do this through.

For large items, such as cabinets or desks, please utilise Yell or the Facebook Group to offer these out to your neighbours. They cannot be left at the Give and Take, and honestly that takes much more effort on everyone’s part – navigating the lift and walkways to and from the ground floor, when the new home for your item may be only a few doors away!

If no one wishes to rehome your item, each flat has a free collection of up to 3 large items, through the council once per year. Neighbours do often share these – again, ask through Yell.
For smaller objects, it is easy to use the table, but it must be done with care to preserve this resource for our neighbours and ourselves.
Several residents have volunteered to keep an eye on the table, currently Iris at Flat 404 is checking it twice a week, and is removing objects that have not been claimed after 7 days.

Please do not leave broken items on the table – someone may want them for parts or to fix, but again offer these on Yell or the FB group to make sure, otherwise they will be disposed of before the 7days have elapsed.